Courtroom Showdown

So I owned up the court room today.

The judge said something along the lines of, "you will be required to follow and apply this law regardless of whether it seems just or not". To which I raise my hand and reply, "So your honor, you would have ruled against Harriet Tubman who violated the federal Fugitive Slave Laws by participating in the Underground Railroad for escaped slaves, or against Rosa Parks who in 1955 was arrested for violating the segregation laws by refusing to move to the back of the bus?

The judge then replied, "The law is the law, we do not make the law here, we only follow it." To which I gave my final statement, "Blind obedience was not accepted as a defense during the War Crimes Tribunal when many Nazis claimed they were simply "following orders". A judge who participates in injustices might be similarly called to account."

On my way out the defense attorney called my name, snickered, and said, "Well played."

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Since the dawn of humanity,
we have always had conflicts.

They give us goals,
and hone our abilities.

They motivate us.
Drive us!

Opposition focuses our talent on one goal,
and brings out the champion in all of us.

Everyday brings us competition...
Everyday brings us challenges...

But there has been no greater challenge than mine

I have accepted the challenge,
and will fight him until I've won.

I am:

I will not be:

I will adapt to any situation that may arise.
and acquire the knowledge required to mentally overpower him.

I will work while he sleeps,
and work even harder while he is awake.

I will find his vulnerabilities,
and I must exploit them.

I will discover his limits,
and I must surpass them.

I will understand his focus,
and I must confuse him.

No matter what it takes...
No matter what it costs...
No matter what is in my way...

Will Be Defeated!
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The Plan

So I've decided to go in head first on this whole 'becoming L' thing. I want to play the role of L in the new Death Note movie. The first thing I needed to find out was when they were planning on selecting the cast for the Death Note movie. I originally called and asked as myself and I got a quick 'I'm sorry we don't take unsolicited calls' and after a few exchanges of words the girl told me I needed to have an agent and in the worst case scenario to send them my headshot and resume. That route will most likely not work, so a few months later I decided to call them again. Except this time I posed as an agent looking for work for my talent. Here is an excerpt of what I said...

"Hi my name is Jonathan and I'm calling from Capsule Media here located in Miami, FL.
We have some talent here that is interested in a film that you guys are producing called
Death Note and were wondering if you guys had begun casting for that yet?"

Their response was something along these lines, "Hi and thank you for your interest, unfortunately we are not casting for that yet. Try again in about 6 months."

This gave me a time limit to what I wanted to achieve. Six months is pretty good actually. Coincidentally, my grandmother forwarded me an e-mail from actress Maria Conchita Alonso stating that basically no one will represent me without a demo reel. So now I have 6 months to get a demo reel and some better headshots as the ones I have are all of me in the same clothes with the same dark ass background.


Well I could always get a job and save up about 1000$ so that I can afford some professional headshots. OR I could find someone of professional quality who will do it for free. Well it just so happens that Rick (AKA Arkiluth) has had this hobby for quite some time now. The only problem is that Rick is a huge DICK. So in order for me to obtain these professional pictures from him I would have to manipulate him into doing it for me. Which I have just the plan... Rick loves exotic looks and wants the photographees to have some kind of direction as to what they want out of the pictures, he just seems like the kind of guy that wants you to do all the work except he'll be the one to snap the picture and then edit them later on. This comes in extreme handiness as I have no idea how to use photoshop and have no real interest in learning it either. I've seen his other works and he's done a fantastic job. So how do I manipulate Rick into doing this for me? Well I found some exotic jackets from korea that are actually pretty fucking bad ass looking on ebay and I sent him the links telling him I was planning on buying them. His response was similar to mine in that they ARE bad ass and he wants to shoot them. Well I don't have a job and don't have any money so the only way for me to purchase these outfits is by selling my own shit on ebay. I am doing the one thing I thought I'd never do.... Sell my video games :X. I'm selling my super nintendo games on ebay and they're going pretty damn high right now. Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart and so forth. I actually have a bottle of rubbing alcohol and those little sticks with the cotton on the end that you use to clean your ears.. cotton swabs i think? whatever. Point is i'm cleaning this bitch so I can take some new pictures and hopefully sell them for a lot. Actually I think I have some money in my bank account right now so I can buy the jackets now and sell the games to recoup the money at the same time to save myself some time. Next, LOL!

Demo Reel

This is still in its developmental stage. I am applying for small roles here and there online on craigslist and hopefully I can get enough roles where I have enough screen time to create a demo reel for myself. Once this step is complete, I can begin flooding any and all agents' information I come in contact with. I will conduct some further research to see who the company that is producing Death Note (Lin Pictures) uses to locate their talent for their films. If there is a consistent rhythm then it should take no time at all for me to locate the agents they use. I will focus my attention on them first.

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i'm flying to new york this weekend for world cyber games US invitational. i am participating in need for speed again this year, and my toughest competition will be there.

i'm writing a book which i have put on hold due to the tournament at hand. i've had a lot of positive responses about it, even though i've only written a summary. i have a few pages of brainstorming taped to my wall, i believe it motivates me to write sometimes. classical music has been an inspiration aswell. here is a summary of my story:

its basically about a genius who reinvents the water fuel cell and wants to provide it as a source of energy for his country. there have been people in time who have tried this and have all ended up either missing or dead. he understands this and takes counter measures so that he is not located or identified. the antagonist is a new recruit into the CIA that the president hand picks to head a secret task force trying to find the protagonist as his deeds are seen as a 'terrorist threat'. it is a battle of wits between the two main characters as they try to outsmart each other and remain unknown. i want to work out the details and provide a real summary because i'm not even sure if this is how i'm going to head it. hopefully i can do that soon :)

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i generally don't ever do this, but tonight i'll make an exception.

i'm so fucking disgusted with human beings these days. no one is trustworthy for shit. i can't even trust those who claim to have been my friend for several years now. some people even walk around claiming they believe in god, but they definitely don't act upon any righteous moral reasoning.

k i'm done

screw you people

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its been a long time

i'm bored

and uhh

i could use a new friend or something

i quit pro gaming

i'll return once the money is worth it again...

i might get a job at the hospital pushing people

and umm

yeah thats about it...